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"The Curry Heritage of the Tamils"
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Uncover the untold history of curry and its roots in the tamil heritage!

The major watershed of curry occurred in the 15th century when the Portuguese arrived with the chilies and colonized one of the two habitats of the Tamils.


Chances are Most people here have NEVER Tasted REAL Curry!

The Tamil words in English

The OXFORD Dictionary says, the word 'Curry' is from Tamil Language and found its way in to the English Language via Portuguese in the 16th century.

Further searches will show that not only Curry but few more food related Tamil words are In English too.
'Poppadom', another popular item with Curry lovers is a Tamil word too and so does is 'Mulligatawny' (sic), which refers to two words together Black Pepper (Milaku) and Water (Thannee(r)).

Further, 'Congee' (an ancient but contemporary food of the Tamils, specially peasants) and 'Rasam' (Simplified Version Of Mulligatawny ) also from the Tamil Language.
The fruits, Mango and Jack are Tamil words too.

Apart from these, non food related words are also found their way: Catamaran, Coir and very important of all 'Cash' are just to name a few.

And remember that the TAMIL language is the world's oldest!

note that, 'India' never existed until British Founded it in the 19/20th century!!

Should I Say More about the Rasam?


Not to worry, we will give you the fantastic ancient Tamil Rasam as well as Congee recipes! Many varieties are there!!

The Curry Crisis!

Did You Hear About 'The Curry Crisis'?

Do You Know 'Curry Crisis' Is About The Authenticity Of Curry?

It Is Neither Indian Nor Bangladesh And Definitely Isn't British..

It Is Tamils' Curry... Yes, You Never Heard Of It Before!

“The Curry Heritage of the Tamils” debunks popular myths about where the worldwide phenomenon we call “curry” originated and how the UK—and the entire world—has been misled

Curry crisis - A Tip of the Iceberg

a $25billion company and a celebrity chef – Heinz And Ainsley Harriott

Look at this simple example that explains the issue of curry. Many Consumers may not know the meaning of the word ‘Mulligatawny’ (sic). This is two Tamil words together; Black Pepper (Millaku) and Water (Thanee(r)), which means Black Pepper Tonic or Soup. Here are images where one can see, how the consumers have been misled. In both cases, in their ingredients list, the Black Pepper is missing! 

Just like an apple pie without any Apple in it!!

Thai Pongal festival

Harvesting Festival Is The Thanks-Giving Festival Of The Tamils Known As, “Thai Pongal”.
Newly harvested rice is cooked and offered to the Sun as thanks-giving!
Only festival in the world to thanks the nature for the food it gives us!!

And the background image – Ancient Bull Run Festival Of The Tamils – ‘Jallikattu’ Has Been Known To Be Practiced During The Tamil Classical Period (400-100 BC)

The "Thai Pongal" Messages

The leaders who sent the messages below will be surprised to know that the Thai Pongal, celebrated in mid-January, also the beginning of the Tamil Curry Year.

Taking part in the Thai Pongal celebration, the Canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau is in Tamil national costume, dropping the newly harvested rice into the new Pongal pot!

"The Tamil Curry - Heritage of the Tamils"

My book will allow you to learn all about the fascinating, much-ignored history of curry—including the pre-chili and post-chili eras—and collect lots of unique and authentic recipes while you’re at it!

It is not the curry of British India or Modern India BUT It is the Curry of the Tamils.

And that’s not all.

While there is Indian curry, Japanese curry, Thai curry, Malaysian curry, Indonesian curry, Chinese curry, Caribbean curry, Sri Lankan curry, Myanmar curry, Mauritius curry, Pakistan Balti curry, Bangladeshi curry, and Vietnamese curry,
the fact is the mother of all is Tamil Curry!

- the HISTORY NEVER lies -

The book needs your feedback and suggestions to become 100% complete!!

While I concentrate on the book, please experience the Taste of Tamil Curry with 3 Genuine Recipes