Bamboo rice

When you hear the word, Bamboo, you will immediately remember the bamboo furniture like these, right? However we are going to talk about a different thing though still related to the Bamboo tree. The Greeks and Persians who were trading with the ancient Tamils became familiar with the word, ‘Arisi’ (Tamil word for Rice) and …

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Is Curry Healthy?

The moment someone says the word ‘curry’, the immediate, response that can be heard is, ‘ah, I love Chicken Tikka Masala, I like Chicken Vindaloo’ etc.   It seems that the non-veg curries became the default. (As if the curry lovers are unaware that there are huge vegetarian, vegan, and plant based options)   With …

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The Curry – Varieties

The curry of the Tamils can be divided in many ways: Pure Vegetarian, Vegan Non-Vegetarian. Snacks (Short Eats): Such as Vadai, Fish Rolls, Fish Bun, Patties, Meat Roti, Vegetable Roti, etc. What is being served in the UK curry houses are a ‘tiny percentage of Non-Vegetarian’ in a big way. Eg: Chicken Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka …

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Curry & Portuguese

My village, Curry Thuool­™ & curry Paste of the Tamils

The Tamils use a specially prepared curry thuool­™ (thuool means powder and note that Both Curry & Thuool Are Tamil Words) Prounciation: Curry(th)-Thuool™ The Islets between India & Sri Lanka (became part of British Ceylon in the 19th Century) I was born and brought up village, called Saravanai, which is a small village between the ancient Portuguese …

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